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R&R is the perfect place for a great party. we are the place for you whether your a 2 year old sitting on a pony for the first time or your looking for some place to have a ranch themed sweet 16 party.

FIELD TRIPS/PLAYGROUPS - We are a great place to meet!
Looking for a fun place for your group to get together?  Kids LOVE visiting the ranch!   Schools/Playgroups are welcome to take advantage of our facilities.  The cost is only $10.00 per child.  We provide a pony ride and hay ride with horse feeding for each child then your welcome to relax with the petting zoo animals and playground. You are also welcome to bring lunch or a snack we have lots of picnic tables. Playgroups/field trips are best suited for preschool through elementary school children.
Pony Parties
horses and ponies are led by hand
Spot the giraffe bounce house is 14ftx14ft

Barn pony party:$240.00 for a three hour pony party. Three hours for cake, presents, food, and two regular add ons.

Out door pony party:$215.00 for a three hour pony party. Three hours for cake, presents, food, and two regular add ons.

All parties at R&R Ranch include use of the  picnic area, tables, playground, and petting zoo.

Please note:
A $50 non refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

regular party add on:

-Pony rides(one pony)............ $30.00
-Hay ride with horse feeding  $30.00
-Pony painting......................... $30.00
-Horse care lesson................. $30.00
-Disco party...............................$30.00

premium add ons

-Castle bounce house...........
-Giraffe bounce house.......... $60.00

Additional add ons
-Fire pit........................................$15.00
-Professional sound system..$15.00

Pony rides are a perfect way for any child to have a blast at a party. Pony rides include one pony or horse for the childern to share for 45 mins led by a staff member in a shaded round pen.

Hay ride
with horse feeding is where children and parents ride on the hay wagons to the back pasture to feed and pet horses.

Pony painting includes 2 ponies(6 kids per pony) and all the paint you will need to make them look pretty. $10.00 per additional pony.

Horse care lessons give the kids a first hand experience in horse care. Every child will have an opportunity to brush, groom, and the birthday child will help exercise a horse or pony.

The disco party is for kids that like to dance and play fun games to music. the disco party is held in a air conditioned party room equiped with tons of moving lights and fog.20-25 min

The bounce house is inflated the entire time of your party. (please note adult supervision is required)

The fire pit is the perfect way to make smores and warm you up on a cold day.

The sound system includes a 600 watt professional dj pa speaker that fills the party with music. bring your own mp3 player or use ours.

First Kiss
Castle bounce 15x15ft
pick your pony!
fire pit is perfect for smores