Meet the horses
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Brewster is big lovable lug that loves to play with his friends and go on relaxing trail rides.

DOB: 2003
Breed: Tennesse walker
Color: Black and white pinto
Gender: male
Best friend: Buddy,rambo
Perrin being a paso fino is our smoothest trail horse. he likes to hang out with Nation in the back pasture

DOB: 1986
Breed: Paso fino
Color: dun
Gender: Male
Best friend: Nation
Nation is a southern gentlemen with a kind heart. He can be slow but he's always safe and loves kids.

DOB: 1988
Breed: Grade Pinto
Color: Tri colored pinto
Gender: Male
Best friend: Perrin
Nellie loves to do lessons, trail rides in the park and giving kids a pony ride at birthday parties.

DOB: 2004
Breed: Quarter horse

Color: Bay
Gender: Female
Best friend: katie
Tea spoon visits the ranch on special occasions such as birthday parties, special events and camps

DOB: 2005
Breed: Donkey
Color: Fawn dun
Gender: Male
Best friend: Half-pint (his sister)
Scout is our 3rd smallest pony at the farm standing at 37 inches. He loves to give pony rides and be painted by kids at birthday parties.

DOB: 2002
Breed: mini
Color: pinto
Gender: Male
Best friend: Casey
Czopin is a retired race horse. His father was Aladin. He loves to go on trail rides with his owner.

DOB: 1983
Breed: Arabian
Color: bay
Gender: Male
Best friend: Drako
Here are some of the horses at R&R Ranch
katie  was our smallest pony untill rambo showed up. she has blue eyes  and is very gentle. We use her for pony painting
DOB: 2003
Color: palomino
Gender: female
Best friend: Hawk

more coming soon!
Rambo  is our smallest pony. He loves to play with and be groomed by children.

DOB: 2006
Color: black
Gender: Male
Best friends: Hawk,Prince

Prince (on the left) loves to have fun and when he's not playing in the pasture with his friends he enjoys teaching kids how to groom and put his saddle on.
DOB: 2003
Color: creamela
Gender: Male
Best friends: Hawk,Rambo